Sirena-T started many years ago. As a child growing up on a Pacific island, I could never resist the beach. I dreamt of being a mermaid (as in a “Sirena), so I could swim freely in the open ocean. This notion always brought me joy and a sense of peace. As I’ve gotten older, I experience the realities and frustrating limitations of aging. This has become even more evident with the responsibility and honor of co-caring for an elderly parent. In our teens, 20s, 30s, and even 40s, being “old” or caring of elderly may have. This is an inevitable life cycle, and living in Guam has its benefits and limitations.
As I swim toward the edge of my life’s horizon, I hope to find different ways to help me and others continue a life of freedom from age-related constraints.

We all want the same thing, either for ourselves or those we love, a life with a sense of dignity and serenity.