2-In-1 Folding Cane Chair

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Take a seat anywhere, and never worry about falling again! With our 2-in-1 Folding Cane Chair, you can take it while you're on-the-go. Make like easier without having to think about where you'll be sitting while waiting or traveling long distances where you know you'll need to rest. 

Benefits of a Folding Cane Chair:
- Sit anywhere, walk anywhere
- Easy to use
- Able to support 286 lbs (130 kg)
- Made of strong yet light material

Product Weight: 2 lbs
Material: Aluminium alloy
Seat height: Approx. 1.5 ft (48 cm)
Seat diameter: Approx. 0.67 ft (20.5 cm)
Total stick length: Approx. 2.7 ft (83 cm)